Structural Engineering

Alaska’s environment can impose severe demands on any structure including some of the highest snow, wind and seismic loads in the country. CRW’s very experienced engineers provide structural design, evaluation and construction-management services for a broad range of remote and urban structures, with an emphasis on cold-regions design. Our structural engineers have extensive expertise in designing commercial, public and industrial facilities for private, municipal and federal clients.

Our engineers have the boots-on-the-ground experience to work closely with contractors and architects so that we can meet construction schedules and successfully provide dependable building functions.

Key Services

  • New Buildings & Renovations     
  • Bridges & Boardwalks
  • Foundation Design
  • Retaining Structures
  • Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection
  • Seismic/Structural Evaluation
  • Building Information Modeling

Contact Personnel

Jon Hermon, PE