CRW Engineering Group, LLC, was established in 1981 by Willem Van Hemert, PE. The founding philosophy of the firm was to become a viable part of the civil engineering work force in Alaska by maintaining a high level of excellence in work product while developing a satisfying work environment for staff. The firm grew from three people in 1981 to its current size of over 60 employees.

In 2002 the firm changed from a sole-proprietorship to a limited liability company (LLC) and retained the same name. The initial members of the LLC included Willy Van Hemert, Brian Looney, Dave Yanoshek (1952-2008), Mike Rabe, and Jeff Stanley. In 2006, four new members were added: Pete Bellezza, Bill Johnson, Jon Hermon, and Brendan McKee. In 2008, Mike Jokela became a member. CRW’s goal for the next decade is to increase knowledge and capabilities to meet the challenges in our changing marketplace while maintaining a vibrant and positive working environment.

In 2005 CRW expanded the business by adding both surveying and electrical engineering services. Then in 2013, CRW announced the addition of mechanical engineering services. With the inclusion of mechanical engineering to CRW's civil engineering, land surveying and electrical engineering services, CRW has become a full-service Alaskan engineering firm. CRW continued to grow and in 2014 announced the opening of the Palmer Office to meet the future demands of the greater Alaskan community while maintaining a 30+ year commitment to quality and responsiveness to all clients.

What do the initials “CRW" represent?

The initials CRW have never had an "official" meaning or representation to the best of my knowledge. We have survived 20 years without a definitive meaning for the initials, and maybe that is part of the beauty of the name. In this world where most things are becoming more defined and pigeon-holed all the time, the name CRW is its own entity and can represent whatever you want. One meaning of CRW is Caroline, Rose and Willy, who would be the founder and his initial support staff. Of course his personal family as well as the business family that is CRW have continued to grow over 20 years to what we have today.

-David Yanoshek, PE (1984-2008), Member & Senior Engineer