Shotgun Cove Road Extension

Location: Whittier, AK

The City of Whittier plans to extend Shotgun Cove Road 2.5 miles from its current terminus to Forest Service lands at Trinity Point (Mile 2.0 to 4.5) and has contracted with CRW Engineering Group to provide surveying, planning, engineering, permitting, and grant-writing services. The new two-lane gravel roadway project includes rock blasting, MSE walls, structural plate and fish passage structures, drainage facilities, guardrail, and signage as well as nine new parking areas and eight spur/access roads accessing future beach access points and future private parcels. CRW worked closely with the City, Federal Highway Administration, US Forest Service, and other agencies to develop an alignment that minimizes environmental impacts and optimizes access to federal and state lands. CRW’s survey team performed project survey and mapping and submitted deliverables on time and well under budget, providing funding for an additional design task from the City.

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