D. Michael "Mike" Rabe, PE - Managing Principal
Principal Since 2001

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - University of Alaska Anchorage

Mike, who has been with CRW for nearly 20 years, serves as the firm’s Managing Principal. After moving to Anchorage with his wife Anna in 1980, Mike enrolled at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, where he received his civil engineering degree in 1984. He has extensive experience managing large multi-discipline projects throughout Alaska. His expertise includes water distribution, sanitary sewer collection, storm water collection and treatment, and snow disposal sites. An active member of the professional engineering community, Mike currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Alaska Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies, the Alaska Professional Design Council, and is the past-president of Anchorage Tomorrow. Mike is passionate about Alaska; he enjoys fly-fishing, jet-boating, drift-boating, snow machining, and refurbishing his lakeside log cabin in his free time. 



Willem "Willy" S. Van Hemert, PE, F.NSPE - Chief Financial Officer
Founding Principal 1981

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - University of Michigan

Willy founded CRW in 1981 and is currently the Chief Financial Officer.  After graduating the University of Michigan in 1972, Willy and his wife Rose came to Alaska in 1974. Their intention was to stay for the summer, but they fell in love with Alaska and never left. Willy's accomplishments include Engineer of the Year, Alaska Engineering Societies; Individual of the Year, American Public Works Association; and the Merit Award and Chairman’s Award, National Society of Professional Engineers.  He is an active community member, participating in a number of community events and organizations.  Willy enjoys hiking, skiing, biking, running and spending time at the family cabin in Willow.  Willy continues to be an active contract manager at CRW for many civil infrastructure improvement projects throughout Alaska.



Brian D. Looney, PE, F.NSPE - Civil Engineer
Principal Since 2001

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - University of Wyoming

A long-time CReW member, Brian brings over 30 years of experience in civil engineering contract/project management, public involvement, marketing, and business development with CRW.  Brian was hired as an intern in 1981 and began full time in 1984 after his graduation from the University of Wyoming.  Brian enjoys just about any outdoor activity and supports his community’s infrastructure not only as an engineer, but also as a member of Far North Bicentennial Park and Trail Users, a past board member with the Anchorage Trails and Greenways Coalition, and a Lifetime Member of Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage.  When Brian is not at his desk, he is out enjoying the local trails with his dog.


Jeff V. Stanley, PE - Civil Engineer
Principal Since 2001

Master of Science in Civil Engineering - San Diego State University
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - San Diego State University

Jeff is a contract/project manager for rural communities’ civil and sanitary infrastructure improvements throughout Alaska. Since joining CRW in 1999, Jeff has specialized in planning and feasibility studies, engineering analyses, and the development of simple and cost-efficient design solutions.  In addition to his engineering efforts, Jeff oversees the construction management of his projects utilizing local work forces. In true Alaskan fashion, Jeff enjoys hunting and fishing, as well as travel to warmer climates during the winter months.  His favorite travels have included Mexico, Hawaii, Tahiti, Moorea, Bali, Rota, Saipan, China, Hong Kong, and Palau.         


William "Bill" J. Johnson, PE - Civil Engineer
Principal Since 2006

Master of Science in Engineering Management - University of Alaska Anchorage
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - Montana State University

Bill is a life-long Alaskan who started at CRW as an intern in 1992. Now a contract/project manager for civil engineering projects, Bill has a broad background in civil design including site design, roadway, transit, trail, drainage, water and wastewater improvement projects. He has a depth of experience including project management, public involvement and technical writing, and excels at communication both with clients and the general public.  Bill loves to ski and can be heard wishing for snow in the midst of even the most beautiful Alaskan summer.


Brendan C. McKee, PE - Civil Engineer
Principal Since 2006

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - University of Alaska Anchorage

Brendan has been with CRW since 1998 and is currently a contract/project manager for general civil and transportation projects. He has a strong design background in private, public and federal projects including roadways and storm drainage, trails, site development, water and sewer design projects.   Brendan was born and raised in Anchorage and enjoys running, biking and travel. Being of the slightly competitive nature, Brendan completed the 2013 Whistler Ironman and won the Master Men’s Division of the Arctic Bicycle Club’s 9.9 Mile Portage Glacier Time Trial in April 2014.


Pete Bellezza, PE - Civil Engineer
Principal Since 2006

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - University of Alaska Fairbanks

Pete is a contract/project manager for water distribution, wastewater collection, roadway, drainage, and site development improvement projects. Pete provides planning, design, specification development, contract documents, and construction management in both urban and rural communities. Pete’s true passion shines through his project management expertise and he excels at client relations and coordination, as well as thorough public involvement.  Pete was born and raised in Alaska and enjoys hiking, camping, fishing and reading. An avid NASCAR fan, Pete attends as many races as he can while still delivering excellent services.


Jon H. Hermon, PE - Palmer Operating Officer
Principal Since 2006

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - Oregon State University

Jon is a contract/project manager for a wide variety of civil, process and structural design projects. His design experience includes water, sanitary sewer, storm drain and rural Alaska sanitation utilities; water and wastewater treatment, pavements, roadways, trails and site grading; and structural designs using reinforced concrete, structural steel, wood and heavy timber. He is proficient in other project-related aspects, including project management, water testing and analysis, technical writing, construction management, and construction administration.  Born and raised in Alaska, Jon enjoys the outdoors, spending time and traveling with his family, and devotes a substantial portion of his time serving his church and community in various outreach ministries as an ordained deacon with his local church.


Michael "Mike" L. Jokela, PLS - Land Surveyor
Principal Since 2008

Mike is a contract/project manager overseeing design surveys, land development, subdivision platting and construction surveying projects. He began his surveying some 36 years ago at his father’s local Anchorage engineering firm. He has continued his surveying experience within Alaska through employment by various surveying and engineering firms as a survey crew chief, survey technician, engineering designer, land planner and survey manager.  In 2006, Mike joined CRW to offer the diverse background and experience for any survey task that clients require. When Mike is not working, he enjoys spending time at his cabin with his wife, Goldie, as well as hiking, remodeling projects, and his lifelong passion, Nordic Ski Jumping.


Andrea D. Meeks, PE - Civil and Environmental Engineer
Principal Since 2017

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Andrea is a contract/project manager with a strong background in rural infrastructure planning, as well as design and construction management. She joined CRW in 2003 after spending three years working in Unalaska, and continues to work for rural Alaska, designing infrastructure and facilities. Always on the lookout for new opportunities for her clients, Andrea is known for her commitment to client satisfaction. She has spread her passion for improving community infrastructure throughout the firm, drawing on her twenty years of experience to mentor CRW’s up and coming engineers. Andrea enjoys traveling, whether to rural Alaska or to  warm places during trips out of Alaska with her husband and son. She likes biking in the summertime and cuddling up with a good book.


Karl R. Hulse, PE - Civil and Environmental Engineer 
Principal Since 2017

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - University of Idaho 

Karl has over eighteen years of experience in the planning, design and construction management of rural Alaska civil infrastructure projects.  Karl has completed a wide range of projects including bulk fuel storage and handling, power generation, alternative energy, water treatment and distribution, sewer, and solid waste disposal systems. Karl focuses on improving energy and sanitation systems for rural residents.  Karl has completed projects in over 80 rural communities across the state.  This experience has given him an excellent understanding of the challenges associated with remote, cold-climate construction and logistics.  Born and raised in Chugiak, Karl enjoys spending time with his family hunting, hiking, ocean kayaking and backcountry skiing.  He is also a hobby welder and woodworker.



Matt. C. Edge, PE, PTOE - Civil, Environmental, and Traffic Engineer 
Principal Since 2017

Master of Science in Environmental Quality Engineering - University of Alaska Anchorate 
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - University of Alaska Anchorage

Matt, a contract/project manager, has worked at CRW the past 17 years, providing project management, engineering, and construction administration on civil, transportation and environmental engineering projects throughout Alaska. Known for his dedication to client needs, Matt’s hands-on project management has led to the success of many roadway and non-motorized transportation projects, as well as improved sanitation in urban and rural Alaskan communities. Matt has lived and worked in Alaska since 1986. When he’s not watching his kids playing football or soccer, he enjoys spending time outdoors, hunting and fishing with his family.


Anthony “Tony” Robinson, PLS - Land Surveyo
Principal Since 2019

Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying - Michigan Technological University
Associate of Applied Science in Civil Engineering - Michigan Technological University

Tony joined CRW in 2008 and is a senior land surveyor and Certified Federal Surveyor with over 22 years of experience leading field surveys and mapping for design, right-of-way, land/site development, and construction projects. He has served as a field survey technician, crew chief, office survey technician, and survey manager. After receiving his PLS registration, Tony was a partner in a land surveying firm in Ohio; he performed and managed survey crews throughout the eastern United States; and was licensed in eight states. He is also CRW’s Chief Drone Officer and a FAA-Certified Unmanned Aerial Vehicle pilot. Tony has worked throughout Alaska, specializing in land surveying in remote areas. Tony credits his broad expertise to the exceptional mentors he was fortunate to have throughout his career, his personal drive, and most of all, a strong work ethic installed by his father.  


Justin Keene, PE - Civil Engineer
Principal Since 2019

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - Montana State University 

Justin is a lifelong Alaskan and began at CRW in 2000 as a summer intern before joining full-time in 2003. Since then, he has served as a project manager/engineer on a variety of civil engineering projects throughout Alaska involving transportation, site, and utility (water, sewer, and storm drain) infrastructure. Justin works with an emphasis on thoroughly understanding his client’s expectations and producing accurately designed construction documents within budget and to the highest standards. He is currently a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. During his free time he enjoys the outdoors with his wife and has a passion for skiing.