Rural Sanitation

Jeffery V. Stanley, PE is a principal civil engineer with 25-years of rural sanitation experience. He has earned a BS and MS degree in civil engineering and is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Water Works Association. Jeff leads CRW’s efforts in assisting rural communities throughout Alaska improve sanitation conditions; thereby, helping residents have a better quality of life. In 1994 on 37% of rural homes had access to safe drinking water, sanitary sewer treatment, and solid waste disposal. Today, thanks in part to Federal and State sanitation funding directed to rural communities that number has nearly doubled. CRW has been assisting in this effort for over 37-years. To date we have provided planning, design, construction management service for sanitation infrastructure improvements for more than 40 rural communities throughout Alaska.

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  • Feasibility studies & business plans
  • Source water investigation
  • Water treatment & distribution
  • Sanitary sewer collection & treatment
  • Solid waste disposal sites
  • Force-account construction assistance
  • Construction management