Bright People: CRW Welcomes New Principals


The current CRW Engineering Group, LLC (CRW) Principals are excited to welcome Andrea Meeks, PE, Karl Hulse, PE and Matt Edge, PE, PTOE to the leadership of CRW Engineering Group, LLC. All have a long history of contributing to CRW’s goal of helping improve quality of life in Alaskan communities.

Willy Van Hemert, CRW Engineering’s founder, will continue to serve clients and staff, but is stepping down from his tenure as a Principal.  Willy’s brilliant guiding hand and wonderful personality made CRW the company it is today.

Curious about CRW’s new leadership? Read on!



Andrea Meeks, PE, is a licensed Civil and Environmental Engineer with over 16 years of Alaskan engineering experience. She joined CRW after spending three years working in Unalaska, and continues to work for rural Alaska, designing infrastructure and facilities. Always on the lookout for new opportunities for her clients, Andrea is known for her commitment to client satisfaction. She has spread her passion for improving community infrastructure throughout the firm by mentoring CRW’s up and coming engineers. Andrea devoted 13 years to completing the Quinhagak Water and Sewer Project, which transformed a honey bucket village into a community with piped water and sewer and all the associated infrastructure, which included a heat recovery system to save the village more money on energy costs.




Karl Hulse, PE, is a licensed Civil and Environmental Engineer, and has been with CRW the past 14 years. Born and raised in Chugiak, he uses his understanding of the unique facets of arctic engineering to bring new and improved energy and sanitation systems to rural Alaska. Known for finding a creative solution to almost any problem, his resourcefulness and calm demeanor have contributed to numerous bulk fuel power and sanitation projects. In general, he enjoys projects that directly benefit the health and welfare of rural Alaska community residents.  Currently the Project Manager for Energy Upgrades in Togiak, Water Supply upgrades in Unalakleet, and Bulk Fuel Upgrades in Shishmaref, Karl continues to work on projects that produce an immediate, positive impact to people’s lives.







Matt Edge, PE, PTOE, a licensed Civil and Environmental, and certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer, has contributed to CRW’s designs for 16 years. Known for his dedication to CRW client success, Matt’s hands-on project management has led to the success of roadway and non-motorized transportation projects including the upgrade of Old Eagle River and Knik Knack Mud Shack Roads, bicycle infrastructure throughout Anchorage, and boardwalk improvements in Kipnuk.  Experienced improving sanitation in rural and urban communities, he led the design of water and sewer improvements in Emmonak and Bethel, and AWWU wastewater lift station upgrades across Anchorage. The Project Manager for the on-going 10th Avenue Bicycle Boulevard, Matt also serves as lead Civil Engineer on the AMATS Bicycle Plan and Pedestrian Plan, helping connect bike pathways and trails across Anchorage.

We are thrilled to add these three extraordinary individuals to our group of Principals. They officially joined CRW leadership on January 1, 2017.