Pleased to Announce Geotechnical Engineering Services


CRW is pleased to announce its most recent service line of Geotechnical Engineering! 

Steven Halcomb, PE, GE (licensed in Alaska and California) brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our newest department.  With both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Civil Engineering, graduate studies in Earthquake and Arctic Engineering and ongoing Ph.D. coursework on the topic at Kansas State University, Steve is a Geotechnical guru!  Steven brings expertise from working throughout Alaska during his 11 year career. Having performing geotechnical explorations from southeast, to the North Slope, the Aleutian chain, and right here in Anchorage. He oversees projects both large and small to ensure geotechnical standards are met and clients are provided with the information they need to advance their projects from concept to completion.

Welcome, Steven.