Napaskiak Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Project Location: Napaskiak, Alaska

The City of Napaskiak public water utility treats water at two water treatment plants (WTPs) from two separate groundwater sources.  The primary WTP treats water with 30 ppm iron and 1 ppm manganese while the secondary WTP treats water with 80 ppm iron, 1 ppm manganese, and levels of arsenic above the MCL for drinking water.  To remove iron and arsenic as well as meet increasing demands, the primary and secondary WTPs were upgraded to include new greensand filters, pretreatment tanks, as well as potassium permanganate and chlorine injection systems.  As the utility had experienced lead and copper hits during routine sampling, an aeration system for corrosion control was also installed at both plants.  CRW in conjunction with the Village Safe Water program, performed engineering services for all phases of the project including preliminary jar testing, a pilot study, and design of the proposed upgrades, procurement, construction administration, project startup, and project closeout

Services Provided

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Public Involvement
  • Surveying and Mapping

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