Valdez Mineral Creek Road Water Improvements

Start Date: May 2000. End Date: October 2002

Project Location: Valdez, Alaska

CRW designed and managed construction of 16,600 lineal feet of 12-inch water main, a water facility building with pumping equipment, and a 500,000 gallon water storage tank for the City of Valdez. The improvements provided an alternate water supply to the existing Mineral Creek Loop Road water system and connected the South Central water wells with the existing Loop Road system to create a looped system.

Work started on the construction of the water main in April 2002 and was completed by July 2002. The water main crossed beneath 3 anadromous salmon streams which required steel casings to be installed by a boring machine to ensure the stream bed was undisturbed by construction. Bored steel casings were also required where the water main crossed major ADOT&PF roadways, including the Richardson Highway and Airport Road.

Much of the project was constructed in areas of high groundwater, portions of which were tidally influenced. The contractor constructed a temporary dewatering system consisting of multiple well points with small pumps that emptied into a collection manifold. The well points were installed 2 days prior to the excavation work, allowing the groundwater level to be lowered below the bottom of the trench prior to the start of excavation.

The 500,000 gallon water storage tank was constructed of welded steel plates, and painted inside with an epoxy coating approved for potable water service. The exterior of the tank was painted and then insulated with a unique system of 2-inch thick pre-curved panels manufactured of foam insulation laminated to aluminum sheathing.

The water facility building was attached to the tank and constructed of split face concrete blocks. The building houses pumping equipment, including a high demand pump capable of 1,800 gpm, and an emergency generator to operate the pumps if there is a power outage. An on-site hypochlorite generator provides chlorine for disinfection of the water supply.

Services Provided

  • Site Design
  • Water & Wastewater Systems
  • Construction Management

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