Seldovia Water and Sewer Improvements

Start Date: June 2007. End Date: October 2011

Project Location: Seldovia, Alaska

The project replaced existing 10” thin wall steel pipe water mains that were deteriorated and leaking with ductile iron and HDPE piping. Ductile iron pipe was installed in areas of known hydrocarbon contamination and utilized Viton gaskets to prevent migration of the hydrocarbons into the water mains.

The project replaced existing 8” Asbestos Cement sewer pipe that had reverse grades, bellies, and infiltration with ductile iron or HDPE piping. Two segments of the sewer were installed on driven steel piles in an area of soft organic soils, correcting long-standing reverse grades that caused frequent backups. Two steel piles with pipe saddles were installed for each 18-foot stick of ductile iron pipe, and 3 piles were installed to support a concrete manhole.

Services Provided

  • Water & Wastewater Systems
  • Mapping
  • Right of Way
  • Construction Management
  • Heat Trace Systems

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