Working Towards A Hunger-Free Alaska


Ever wonder how most non-profits around town acquire food to distribute to those who would otherwise go hungry? The Food Bank of Alaska provides food to over 55 organizations in Anchorage alone, and to other partner organizations state-wide, ensuring that non-profits can help their communities even when organization-specific donations are low. The Food Bank also operates its own mobile food pantry, bringing food to those in need across Anchorage.

The Food Bank partners with the Salvation Army and other community organizations to host GIFT, which occurred December 15-16, and provided holiday toys and groceries to hundreds of families. The event was a success, but the Food Bank needs continuous support to feed our community. Consider dropping off food while you’re running around town buying last-minute gifts for your loved ones, or spending a few hours volunteering as a family. You can learn more about what the Food Bank needs and how you can help on their website, 

This article is the fifth installment of CRW's Holiday Season of Giving Back series. Our goal is to increase awareness of local non-profits who help the less fortunate, with the hopes that it will gain them more resources to improve our community.