CRW Commended For Proactive Wellness Program


CRW strongly believes that happy, healthy employees do better work, and has supported an employee wellness program for more than 6 years. This spring, CRW was one of seven firms selected to help in the creation of a American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Wellness Champion training. A coalition of engineering firms nationwide, ACEC provides Wellness programs for over 70 engineering firms. Each firm has a Wellness Champion, someone in charge of introducing Wellness to their respective company.


CRW’s Wellness Champion, K.C. Asplund, was recognized for her role in supporting a proactive Wellness program at CRW. K.C. showcased CRW’s Winter Bike to Work Day, helping create a slide to be used in a national wellness champion training. As CRW is the only Alaskan firm who participates in this particular wellness program, her interviewer was astounded to learn that employees actually ride their bikes to work in an Alaskan winter!

CRW’s multifaceted wellness program involves office challenges, fitness tracking, sports teams, and incentives for staff wellness. In line with our wellness mission, “to maintain a workplace that encourages environmental and social support for a healthy lifestyle,” we recognize those who make a point to fit wellness into their life. 


CRW's Softball Teams in action last spring