Benson Boulevard Trail and Intersection Rehabilitation


Benson Boulevard Trail and Intersection Rehabilitation

The Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions (AMATS) Areawide Trails Rehabilitation recently completed reconstruction of the Benson Boulevard pathway from Minnesota Drive to Arctic Boulevard in midtown Anchorage, Alaska. CRW’s Project Engineers, Dave Diller and Colin Singleton, worked closely with Alaska DOT&PF to address existing subsurface conditions, drainage issues, and pedestrian safety concerns along the pathway. The rehabilitated trail accommodates a variety of users with a widened section, an intuitive alignment, new accessible curb ramps, new transit connections, and improved visibility.

Improvements to the Department of Motor Vehicles driveway focused on pedestrian safety. The existing trail crossing at the driveway was disjointed, a large curb return radius enabled vehicles to enter the driveway at high speeds, and a path worn in the grass showed that much of the public was not using the asphalt pathway. CRW collaborated with DOT&PF to size down the driveway and curb radii to meet the needs of current vehicle traffic, thereby slowing down vehicle speeds and decreasing the crossing distance.  Safety…is Number One.

Benson Boulevard at intersection with DMV offices before improvements.

After Trail and intersection improvements