10th Avenue Bike Boulevard


This project constructed Anchorage’s first bicycle boulevard along two miles of 10th Avenue between P Street and Medfra Street.   CRW worked closely with MOA Project Management and Engineering and Traffic Departments to develop new signs and corridor treatments to improve safety for bicyclists on the roadway.  CRW also coordinated with the Alaska DOT&PF Traffic Engineer to evaluate bicycle crossings at seven major intersections on the route to determine whether or not pedestrian/bike signals or warning devices were warranted.   The project also included Anchorage’s first-ever back-in angle parking along the Park Strip.  This change  required Municipal Code to be updated to allow enforcement.  The construction was implemented in phases with the first phase, in 2016, implementing back-in-angle parking and associated signs.    The second phase included Bicycle Boulevard roadway symbols, a traffic diverter with bicycle  and pedestrian only through access, and ADA access improvements along the Park Strip.  Future phases may include sidewalk widening, additional traffic calming measures, and pedestrian/cyclist crossing treatments at major intersections.

Back-in angle parking eliminates the risk that is present in parallel parking situations of a motorist opening their car door into the path of a bicyclist. Back-in angle parking also improves safety by not requiring drivers to back into moving traffic and improves the visual awareness from parked cars of vehicles and bicyclists in the roadway.